How much sex is the average Dane having? How many cheat? A new study has the answers

62,000 Danes participated in the biggest survey of its kind in the world. Here are the most interesting results

How much sex do you think the average Dane is having?

Now we know - thanks to the answers from more than 62,000 Danes.

Men and women of different sexual inclinations have participated in the most comprehensive scientific study of its kind in the world. The Faculty of Health, Aalborg University and the research institute Statens Serum Institut in Denmark has carried out the survey.

The questions range widely from infidelity, numbers of sex partners, and anal sex. Some of the answer may be obvious but others surprised the scientists.

Number of times the Danes had sex in the last month


  • 21%


  • 12%


  • 32%


  • 20%


  • 11%


  • 3%

The numbers are rounded up and do not always total 100 percent.

Most Danes have sex more than once a month.

Almost all Danes over 15 years of age have had sex at least once in their life.

And most - 66 percent - have had just one sex partner in the last year.

Number of people Danes had sex with over the last year


  • 19%


  • 66%


  • 6%

3 or more

  • 9%

The numbers are rounded and does not always sum to 100 percent.

Medical Doctor and Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, Christian Graugaard and Chief Physician at Statens Serum Institut, Morten Frisch are leading the survey.

We have examined some of the many interesting answers with the two doctors behind the survey.

Many of the results are puzzling the scientists.

- We now have an insight into the Danes' diverse sexual realities, that we never have had before. In the longer term it can help prevent sexual problems and give the individual the best possible conditions for exploring their sexuality, says Christian Gragaard from Aalborg University in Denmark.

Especially the numbers for infidelity had the scientist do a double take. As in sex, with other people than your current partner and without permission.

Danish women are more faithful to their partners than men: If you meet five Danish men in relationships, on average at least one of them has or is cheating on his current partner.

Share of men and women who have cheated on their current partner


  • 23%


  • 14%

Cheating in this survey is defined as sex.

23 percent of Danish men have cheated on their current partner.

The same applies to only 14 percent of the women.

- Until now we haven't had scientific numbers for how many people cheat. It is thought provoking that the numbers are this high. When many more men cheat it might be because their sex drive is larger than womens - and that they are more likely to act on it, says Morten Frisch from Statens Serum Institut.

As with infidelity, large parts of the survey show that men and women differ in their answers. There is a natural explanation for that, according to Ellids Mellerup Kristensen, Chief Physician at the Sexological Clinic at Rigshospitalet, which is the largest hospital in Denmark.

- On average, men have a greater spontaneous sex drive than women. The sex drive of women is related to closeness and intimacy, while men have more of the physical spontaneous sex drive. Some of it might be explained by the level of testosterone for men. Things like porn, masturbation, and prostitution are related to the spontaneous sex drive, and that is why it is not surprising that men are over represented in these categories, says Ellids Mellerup Kristensen.

Some will also pay to have their sexual urges satisfied.

One out of five men have paid for sex at some point. Almost no women have done that.

What about porn? When you look at the women, you find big differences between age groups: A quarter of young women watch porn at least once a week.

Half of all Danish women have not used porn during the last year - while 55 percent of the men do so at least once a week.

How often Danish men and women watch porn

At least once a week

  • 55% (mænd)
  • 9% (kvinder)

1-3 times a month

  • 13% (mænd)
  • 10% (kvinder)

Less than once a month

  • 15% (mænd)
  • 23% (kvinder)

0 times the last year

  • 18% (mænd)
  • 59% (kvinder)

The numbers are rounded up and will not always total 100 percent.

Men also masturbate a lot more than women.

How often Danish men and women masturbate

At least once a week

  • 67% (mænd)
  • 28% (kvinder)

1-3 times a month

  • 14% (mænd)
  • 24% (kvinder)

Less than once a month

  • 11% (mænd)
  • 30% (kvinder)

0 times the last year

  • 8% (mænd)
  • 17% (kvinder)

The numbers are rounded up and will not always total 100 percent.

- We don't know why men are more sexually active. Some biological factors are undoubtedly in play. For instance, we know that the hormone testosterone is a classic driver hormone, when we are talking about sexuality. But social and cultural factors like expectations, ideals, norms, and gender roles are mostly likely to also be a factor, says Morten Frisch from Statens Serum Institut.

But why do Danes masturbate?

We know that now, and the answer comes in many forms.

Because it feels good, say some.

But especially one explanation surprised the male scientists.

That is the number of women who say that they get more intense orgasms through masturbation than through sex with another person.

- Intense orgasms are not necessarily better orgasms, just different. It is well known and something we have seen in earlier studies. Presumably because women are better at feeling exactly what needs to happen and can focus solely on that, says Ellids Mellerup Kristensen.

To many, masturbation is also a solution because their partner has a lower sex drive than they do.

This applies to 70 percent of the men and 32 percent of the women.

Most Danes have different types of sex.

Hand sex. Oral sex. Vaginal sex. Almost all Danes can nod yes to having tried it.

But what about anal?

This many people have tried anal sex at some point in their life.

Anal sex is least common amongst the youngest and oldest adults.

Four out of five Danes say that a good sex life is important. And the thousands of answers lead us to one of the most important questions...

Are they happy with the sex they are having?

This is how the Danes rate their sex life in the last year

Very good

  • 15%


  • 40%

Neither good or bad

  • 28%


  • 11%

Very bad

  • 5%

The numbers are rounded up and will not always total 100 percent.

To another question 44 percent of the Danes say that their sexual needs have not been properly met during the last year. But why?

- That is the $100,000 question. We do not know, but hopefully we will know more. It might be because you cannot find the right partner, or that you are not able to have a sufficiently open and honest conversation about each other's wants and needs, says Morten Frisch from Statens Serum Institut.

Projekt SEXUS is a collaboration between Statens Serum Institut and Aalborg University. The goal is to study the interplay between life style, wellbeing, health and sexuality. In September 2017, 200,000 Danes were invited to participate in the study and just over 62,000 chose to accept. The study covers both heterosexual and LGBT+ people. The first study is a snapshot but the plan is to repeat it every third or fourth year.