Guantanamo-Dane plans to go to Chechnya


The Danish Guantanamo-prisoner Slimane Hadj Abderahmane told in the DR1 television programme Nyhedsmagasinet on Wednesday that he will travel to Chechnya to fight the Muslim holy war.

One of the conditions for his release from the base on Cuba was that he signed a statement that he would not partake in terror actions. He now says he will hide from the Danish authorities until he can get to Chechnya.

Minister of Justice Lene Espersen (the Conservatives) looks upon the freed Danish Guantanamo-prisoner's plans with great gravity.

"The statements expressed this night (Wednesday) yield a completely new situation which the judicial authorities have to assess. Of cause I cannot include the public in these assessments presently," Lene Espersen says.

The Danish police's intelligence service, PET, refrains from commenting on the case.

Danish politicians want him imprisoned

The Conservative juridical spokesperson Helge Adam Moeller believes Slimane Hadj ought to be sent to prison, TV 2|NEWS reports.

Adam Moeller thinks Slimane Hadj can be judged after the criminal law's paragraph 114 which gives up till lifetime sentences for murder threats.

"He's a terrorist. He wants to go to a place where he can kill women and children," Moeller says to TV 2|NEWS.

Leader of the right wing Danish People's Party Pia Kjaersgaard encourages the government to extradite the freed Guantanamo-Dane to the USA.

Kjaersgaard refers to the man's behaviour as grotesque and says that most would be happy if he left. "But, I encourage that Slimane Hadj is extradited to the USA," Pia Kjaersgaard says.

Russia reacts to Guantanamo-Dane's word

Slimane Hadj's statement that he wants to fight in the Muslim holy war against Russia in Chechnya has created a stir at the Russian embassy.

A spokesperson for the embassy says that a verbal note is being prepared to the Danish Foreign Ministry, and that they are in close contact with the American Embassy.

Not welcome in Chechnya

Representatives for the Chechnya resistance movement say that the Danish Guantanamo-prisoner is not welcome in Chechnya. Thereby, they refuse Slimane Hadj's offer to armed support in the fight against Russia.

The resistance movement's spokesperson Usman Fersauli met Slimane at a meeting one week ago.

"We don't need more freedom fighters. It's nothing personal, but it would only aid the Russians in labelling us as terrorists," Usman Fersauli says to the news agency Ritzau.

Usman Fersauli says he encouraged Slimane Hadj to work for the Chechnya cause from Denmark.

"I told him to relax and be quiet. The message was that if he wanted to help us, he should begin making support groups and encourage the Danish politicians to help us and he should do so in a peaceful and legal manner," Fersauli says.

PET: Cuba-Dane not imprisoned

The Danish police's intelligence service, PET, earlier today interrogated the former Cuba-prisoner and assesses there is no basis for imprisoning him.

"PET has today interrogated Slimane Abderahmane abiding to the rights of an indicted in connection with his statements to the press," PET writes in a press release.

Under the interrogation, Slimane gave the impression that he will abide to the agreement made with the USA in connection with the release form the Guantanamo-base. He has no plans to leave Denmark in order to engage in terrorist activities.