Nazis follow in the footsteps of Muslims


The National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNSB) follows in the footsteps of the extremist Islamic organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir:

"It's provocative that an organisation of foreign blood tries to gain grounds in this country, and that's what we try to counterbalance," leader of the Nazis Jonni Hansen says to the newspaper Urban.

And to balance out the development, the Nazis are targeting their recruitment campaign toward the areas where the Hizb-ut-Tahrir also works.

Only shortly after the fundamentalist Islamic group had attempted to gain members from the immigrant ghetto Taastrupgaard, the Nazis handed out leaflets in the same area. The same happened in Ishoej.

The leaflets are meant to target "convinced racists" who might join the Nazi movement in the fight against what they refer to as "the Flood of coloured."

Glostrup police keep a close eye on the development.

"First we want to get an overview of the extent and effect of the propaganda. But, at the moment we don't believe a confrontation is in the rise because none of the organisations want the popular feeling against them," chief police inspector Arne Wissing says to the newspaper.