Update on shootings in Copenhagen: Victim tried to ambush the alleged offender

Watch a 3D-video of the three shootings in Copenhagen saturday in top of the article.


  • Three separate shootings in Copenhagen
  • Two civilians killed. 
  • Five policemen wounded. Lesser injuries.
  • One suspect shot and killed.
  • Omar Abdel-Hamid El-Hussein is now identified as the alleged offender of the shootings.
  • Since Saturday four persons has been arrested at a internet cafe, one person arrested in Østerbro.
  • Two men (19 and 22 years old) were Monday jailed under suspicion of helping the terrorist.
  • According to the police the weapon used at the shooting in Krudttønden at Østerbro, CPH, was a M95 riffle - a riffle the Danish military use.

Update, Friday: The alleged offender will be buried in Brondby at 14.30 local time.

Update, Thursday: A new witness tells TV 2 that the 55-year old Finn Nørgaard tried to ambush the alleged offender after his first shooting at Krudttønden

Update, Wednesday: All five police officers  have been discharged from the hospital. Furthermore: Sources tells TV 2 that the weapons of the officers failed during the shootings at det synagogue. The 37-year old jew, Dan Uzan, was buried at Mosaisk Vester Begravelsesplads at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. More than 400 people showed up.

Update, Tuesday morning: The police barricaded Krudttønden and an area around because of a suspicious letter. The police and military investigated the letter and didn't find anything wrong. No one was hurt. The policie are still at the sight.

Update, Monday night: Monday evening people gathered for commemorations all over Denmark. The biggest one was at Gunnar Nu Hansens plads - close to the crime scene of the first shooting at Krudttønden. According to the police 40.000 people showed up. Politicians, Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Frederik - Crown Prince of Denmark parcitipated in the gathering.

Update, Monday morning:  Two persons are brought to court for a preliminary hearing by the local police. They are accused of helping the gunman by having abolished the weapon and procured a hideout. They were both jailed for 10 days.

Update, Sunday evening: Police report that the gunman was 22 and born in Denmark. His name is Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, and was already known by the police because of his "violent past".

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was released from prison two weeks ago after serving a sentence for a violent crime.    

Update, Sunday afternoon: Police have searched an internet cafe in Copenhagen. At least two persons are arrested, reports say.   

The police have found the weapon, which they believe was used during the first shooting at the free speech event in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Danish police also report that the identity of the suspect is now identified. 

10.30 AM local time Sunday, the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt commented on the shootings at a press meeting.

- This is not a war between Islam and the west. We will do our outmost to defend our democracy and Denmark, said the Danish prime minister.  

In the meantime, the police is searching an apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. It is still unsure if the apartment has any relation to the killed suspect. 

Early Sunday morning, the police confirmed that they had shot and killed a man near Nørrebro station in the northern part of Copenhagen. The person is believed to be responsible of the shootings, and according to the police, he acted alone.  

Officers approached him. He was shot after he opened fire on the officers, the police write in a press release.

The police opened fire at the person hours after two separate gun attacks in Copenhagen. A large area in central part of the city is cordoned off. Taxis are being stopped and searched.

There is no general curfew but people are told to follow police instructions closely.

In the first attack Saturday afternoon a male, 55 years, was killed at a meeting where the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and the French Ambassador François Zimeray were speaking in “Krudttønden” on Østerbro. Three police officers were wounded in the shooting, which was reported at 3:33 PM local time. Reports say more than 40 shots were fired.

The suspect fled the crime scene and is described as following:

  • Male
  • 25-30 years old
  • 185 centimeters tall
  • Athletic and arabic looking, but with lighter skin and black straight hair.
  • He wore a black or dark blue skijacket and matching pants and probably gloves.
  • His face was covered all the way to the eyes with a yellow, orange and red scarf. 

The second attack took place outside the Jewish synagogue in Krystalgade in the center of Copenhagen. A civilian male was shot in the head and killed. Two police officers were hit in arm and leg.

The shooter fled the scene. It is still unclear if the second attack is related to the first.

PET, the Danish Intelligence Agency, wrote the following in a press statement before the second attack.

- The circumstances surrounding the shooting indicate that it was a terror attack.

The Danish Primeminister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said:

- My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the victims and their relatives. The police are in full readiness across the country. All resources are deployed. The authorities' first priority here and now is to catch the perpetrators.

See eye witness video from right after the first shooting: