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Dear European Brothers.

We are truly sorry to send this email around, but this is the end for us. Instead of resigning our memberships at the National Office, we choose to give our European brothers our resignation. We will miss many things, our brothers, trips to other countries, the parties, all in one, we will miss the Bandido brotherhood. We wish there was another option. We have absolutely no problems with any chapters around the world and wish you all the best in the future, but we have to make a stand. We have tried every possible solution, stretched us as far as we could to get to some middle ground with the National Chapter, nearly choked our members with meetings etc. but it hasn’t changed anything.

As of this morning BMC chapter Westside Denmark (city Naested) and BMC chapter King’s City Denmark (city Roskilde) has been closed. They, as well as the members, exist no more.

We can no longer close our eyes and ignore the corruption of certain national officers, nor can we continue to support the weak way they are forcing down on us.

We all became Bandidos for the brotherhood, for the loyalty and for the respect, but with some of the following points below, you’ll understand why we have to choose a different path now.

When word gets around that we have decided to close down both our chapters, all kinds of dirt will be thrown at our names and certain people will make up a 1000 lies to cover up the truth. Therefore we give you our reasons now, so you’ll be prepaired later on when the truth will be twisted and manipulated.

At a local conflict with a minor street gang called Black Cobra, a Prospect was shot in the knee at home, plus several attacks from black cobra forcing the local chapter to once again to shut down their club and make a new one somewhere else (by the way this is the second time this happens with the same group), this was all over the news, now they have a club house outside their city and have lost their area. This is coast town – at a president meeting Wu asks them to move back as soon as possible, but they get a 6 months’ time frame. All the sgt’s at a previous sgt meeting while the conflict was ongoing, agreed that this time, there will be no peace before these small motherfuckers are brought to their knees to beg, and Coast town was given a dead line to avenge just one of the attacks or face severe consequences. A few days before the dead line expires, the national chapter chooses to make peace with this gang and we receive a txt with the news. This sickens us – we bow to no one!

Same shit happens with another street gang who shoots at the Copenhagen chapter clubhouse one time and almost hit a member another time. Before anything is avenged once again this case is closed and Bandidos looks like fools.

Later on Westside and Roskilde chapter beats up both of these groups, and we are summoned to a national meetings where we are being yelled at, called liars and not trust worthy, peace breakers etc. for what !?!

We will not be a part of this, our members and clubs being attacked and our hands being tied!

Then Nomad Arash 1%er who has base in Westside Chapter, are being suspended while in jail, without having a chance to defend or explain himself, and Wu 1%er chapter president receive this news on telephone from our NVPE. And all of Bandidos MC receive this mail. We refuse to accept this outrageous way to treat a member, once again we go to a national meeting where we meet 30-40 people awaiting us, and Wu 1%er is being searched for weapons before he sits down. He explains to the national how crazy this is, ask to their investigations and who has conducted them etc. They agree to revoke Arash’s suspension but still keep him suspended from the national chapter as a nomad pending further investigation...

I know everyone has heard the news about his suspension, but when I talk to French and Italian brothers, none of them have received information that Arash was a full patch member once again shortly after, only suspended from the National Chapter. I’m sure they will say that this is just one of many misunderstandings.

But this is connected to the next case, which will take some time to explain. Another situation where we are being completely overruled because of political and personal interests is when we want to throw a prospect out of the club, who – on record – has snitched in Arash’s case. I was asked – in another national meeting – what my opinion on this matter was, and I answer truthfully that this prospect’s overwhelming explanations to the police is the reason why Arash 1% (among others) is now in jail for 4 years. I went to the trial, along with brothers of Westside and King City and a few from Sweden and we heard the interviews and surveillance tapes.

The problem is, this snitch prospect is also Kok’s and Chester’s REALLY good friend, but we don’t care, rules are rules, and no one snitches on any one! So we take the case head on, and I go with kok to a meeting in a mental institution where this prospect is sentenced to stay for an unspecific time due to insanity.

I show kok and the prospect the report and we argue for 90 minutes before kok finish the meeting due to lack of time. He thinks that the prospects explanation in general is okay but after a fierce argument where I can barely make him admit, that it’s a problem that this man gave an overwhelming testimony and specifically told to the police where when and how and put people in jail, and we sit with the rapport from the court which puts in black and white on paper, there is no doubt in this case!!! Kok’s answer to Wu and the chapters he represents, this prospect will never leave the club in BS due to a previous agreement he made no matter what, what the fuck!? Tell us Kok – does this agreement include snitching? Apparently it’s ok to snitch, if you are friends with kok and Chester.

Furthermore, the same prospect tells me and another member, that he sent out his rapport many times and it was approved by the national and name amongst others National Officers Chester 1%ER SDA. How can anyone read and approve a snitch rapport, making this prospect believe that what he does is ok? And why didn’t our chapter get any of these rapports? We think that this prospect – dumb and confused as he might be – has been used and guided in this matter.

Here is a funny information for you brothers – we in Westside choose to tell Chester 1%ER to leave our chapter, that we after many years didn’t want him to be a part of Westside no more, along with another member, a week or so later Arash was suspended, and all of sudden the most vile accusations began to appear, and some seriously questionable witnesses are brought to give testimony about Arash and some nasty business they claim he has done, along with the snitch prospect who all of a sudden also have dirt on his chest he wants to throw at Arash.

We can go on for pages and pages and pages about these cases, in the end it will seem perhaps too unrealistic for you guys, and believe us; it has felt like that for us for a while.

After Chester was released from our chapter, and we started to dig in this case, a fellow TCB told us that they had been called in to a meeting and they were told to gather up and freeze our chapter after they had thrown out 5 members first. Luckily, this was stopped, and when we confront the nationals with this information, no one knows anything and all of a sudden it’s just a rumor, and we are assured we they would look into it… But so did we.

The rest of the issues I’ll name briefly, because the above should suffice. It’s a public secret that Chester steals and cheats everybody. But no one dares to touch him due to his high rank in the nation, but we don’t care, here goes:

Chester owes money to everybody, I bet most of the Danish Chapters have a story to tell if you ask them, but here is ours. He owes money to Arash, he owes 6000 euro to Wu and Thomas, and they can’t get them either, all we get is lies. This has been going on for 4 years now. He has cheated half our chapter, but we expected at some point that we would get them back, but not anymore. A 4th member was supposed to receive 2000 euro from Chester while in jail, but he never saw a dime, they went into Chester’s pocket.

Another case that fuckin sickens us to the bone – Chester tries to use another group called La raza to collect a big amount of money from the family of a Swedish member and after this fails, initially he tries to throw this specific member out of the club. But other members find out, He offers these two other members half of the money if they are willing to drop the case and not talk about it. Of cause they won’t take the money, and now they fight a case, but how difficult can a case like that be? If you turn on your brothers for whatever reason, you are fuckin history! As simple as that.

G (navn fjernet, red.) former national secretary steals 30.000 euros from the jail money, but apparently it’s okay, he is just suspended, and when he returned them he was reinstated as a regular full patch!

Lately one of our probationaries are called by a Sergento on phone and asked, how many in our chapter wears the “expect no mercy” and when did they receive that? On PHONE!! We would never discuss that on phone, wired by the police

We could go on, but this is not a smear campaign, this is our reasons. We never thought that we would have to leave the Bandido Nation, we’ve lived and bled for this club, brothers who know us know this is true.

We have no problem with the Bandido Nation, only the National Chapter leading it, but we can no longer tolerate the injustice and the corruption. We are truly sorry we have to say good bye to you brothers. As long as things are run this way on the top floor, we will not be a part of BMC.

The Danish national Chapter is infected and rotten to the fucking core, and as long as that disease exists in the top it will keep spreading and corrupt your once proud and pure Nation. We will not be dominated and suppressed.

Ever since we threw Chester and another member out, it has been a period filled with long lines of political attacks against us, leaded by the Nationals. But we will not submit to this, we will never compromise honor and loyalty, and now it’s clear to us, we cannot change this with endless meetings either. Therefore we must depart.

The above are views expressed by all the members of former Westside Chapter. Members of King City Chapter (Roskilde) have after considerations decided to leave the Nation along with Westside, they have their own reasons, most of them similar to ours, but never the less their own independent opinions.

When you receive this email about 12 o’clock June 28th, we will inform all shirt-hangarounds, hangarounds and prospects and here after give them a free pass to contact whatever chapter they feel like if they wish to continue in the Nation. Wu 1%er will as a last gesture contact the following chapter and inform the President of the time of the prospect etc. If they wish to do so, they will further more be given 4 weeks to find an apartment and move to the city related to the chapter.

At this time we are in possession of approximately 150.000 kr from “kaffekassen” which is the equivalent to the amount of money that Big Jacob will receive when he is released for the time he is serving for the Nation (16 years). We take this money with us, to make sure he gets what is rightfully his. We understand that some might have a problem with our way of doing this – so be it.

What’s left to say ? We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.